Dump It

The absolute best advice I can give to a writer who wants to blog or write a book is to dump it. Get a notebook and simply write out all of your thoughts in no particular order. Don’t worry about if it makes sense, punctuation, style or anything just get your thoughts out.

When I have ideas and I don’t have a notebook or journal with me I go to the notes section of my phone and write out my thoughts and sometimes I email them to myself. I also have MS Word on my phone, I use that too to write on the go.

You would be so amazed at the relief you feel once you get your thoughts out. Trust me once those thoughts are out it makes room for more thoughts to enter. It makes room for you to organize what your vision is.

Generally after the dumping process I take a day or two and then I look over what I wrote to begin the organization process.

Again, I plead with you not to be worried about what it looks like in the beginning, it’s really a work in process. Think about a child’s toy box that needs to be cleaned out. The items are dumped, sorted and then organized. Whatever is not needed is discarded and everything else is put in order.

As you begin your writing journey I encourage you to be patient with self.


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