Social Media Branding & Basketball | A Course

Last week we launched a free web course on how to properly brand your young student athletes on social media.

Touching on topics like:

*Social Media


*What pages to follow (& which ones not to follow)

*How to get your young athlete in position to be on someone’s radar.

*Which content is more/less useful for certain social media platforms.

If you have a student athlete in this crazy age of social media, I strongly suggest that you check this USEFUL information out so that you can properly implement these tips in getting the right eyes on your youth athlete.

The course is designed to share tips and information on how families, coaches and organizations can use social media and branding for student athletes. Information in this course can be used across various sports.

What prompted this course, is the desire to share what I have learned as we navigate my younger son’s recruiting process. Eight years ago I created an IG and Twitter account for him, to simple chronicle his basketball journey. Now, I see the value in making that decision and how it’s been a big part in his recruiting journey.

Whether you are a student athlete, a family member, a coach, or a youth sports organizer this information will be of benefit to you.

Enroll today in Social Media, Branding & Basketball. This course is free for the month of February.


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