Checking In By Michelle Williams

I remember sitting in a breakout room at a Women’s conference waiting to see Michelle Williams speak in 2018. I was so excited to see and hear her in person. Listen!!!! I got to that room early to get a seat! 

On that day she didn’t show up and I would later learn the reason why via social media. 
I am so glad that Michelle reached out for help when she needed it the most and that she’s sharing her journey with anxiety and depression to help others. 

We know Michelle from the entertainment industry and social media yet you leave the book knowing a woman who has dealt with many of the struggles that we all have encountered. Her level of keeping real in this book is on 💯. 

Checking In is so honest and so transparent. My favorite chapter? Chapter 4 is full of 💎 💎💎!!! 

I wondered how my life would be different if instead of my hurts and disappointments, I offered others a glass full of joy. I wondered what would happen if instead of walking around with a posture of prove it, I walked around with a posture of peace. ~ Michelle Williams

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Why I Go Red!!!

I Go Red!!!! 💃🏽#nationalwearredday2021

I have participated with #GoRedForWomen❤️ faith based initiatives for several years. I loved being a part of #havefaithinheart and #empoweredtoserve It was something about getting information out to the community about stroke and heart disease that I absolutely love.

On November 5, 2018 all of the information that I shared, with others, I now needed for myself. After my first day on a new job, I was rushed to @thechristhospital and it was determined that I had suffered a stroke. It’s been a journey for my family, my friends and myself. Fortunately, the quick response by a school secretary and a school nurse got me the help that I desperately needed.

After leaving the hospital, I was in speech therapy for months and I eventually entered counseling to deal with the depression and anxiety of everything that was going on in my life.

I Go Red for myself, my family, my friends and to inspire others with my story of resilience.

My prayer is that my life experiences are a blessing to others. Remember, we are blessed to be a blessing.

I encourage you to

💃🏽Know your numbers.
💃🏽Choose to move.
💃🏽Stress less
💃🏽Eat well.
💃🏽Be well.

You can’t help others heal if you are not well.

8 Weeks To A Swimsuit

In March of 2020, after our governor announced a “Stay At Home” order because of Covid-19, I signed up with a local trainer who was offering an online workout program live on Facebook. I figured I could support a small business and maybe this would help me lose the weight that I had been carrying for years.

The end result was me discovering parts of myself that I never knew existed even though they were always present. As of this moment I have lost nearly 50 lbs and I have never felt or looked better. My days are now filled with at least 1-2 workouts, healthy meals and encouraging others that if I can lose the weight, you can too.

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we are thankful for so much. 🙏🏾

Our life.
Our health.
Another day.
The selflessness of others.
The kindness of others.

Today we pray for so many who

Are in the hospital.
Are mourning the loss of loved ones.
Are essential workers.
Are missing the community of church and family.
Are brokenhearted.

Today we know that

We should have an attitude of gratitude.
That if we look back over our lives and think things over,
God has always provided.
If we can’t thank Him for this, we can thank Him for that.
In all things give thanks.

Evolving Takes Werk – Episode 9 With Tracey Brooks

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This week I share about my journey of traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to my son's high school basketball game and the newness of that experience. I also share about some amazing restaurants that I dined at while there.  Eric's Family BBQ  Barrio Queen Calitacos Filibertos (They are not mentioned on the podcast, I dined there after recording.) In conclusion I share about practicing gratitude for others and for self. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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