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Ghetto Chick eBook Release June 2020

Ghetto Chick

Ghetto Chick is a book of poetry and writings that I wrote in 2009, after my failed marriage and entering into a relationship way too soon after my separation.

In that relationship, I was encouraged to learn about the business of self-publishing. Eventually the relationship took different turns which prompted me to grab a notebook to begin writing about my experiences.

The title, Ghetto Chick, actually came out of a heated discussion where I responded, “You don’t want a nice girl. You want a ghetto chick.” Hence the title was birthed.

Ghetto Chick is some of my most honest thoughts of a woman, who was left by her husband, while raising two beautiful brown boys, taken for granted by her lover and yet she still sought after God through the hurt, the pain and the discouragement.

So, why now? Why release Ghetto Chick in 2020, eleven years after it was written? The most honest answer is, because it’s time. Ghetto Chick represents so much. It’s my first self-published book. It’s the soundtrack to my book Infused. It will be my first book that I create in digital format. In essence, Ghetto Chick is my baby, it’s my heart. It was the beginning of me having the courage to speak my truth. I didn’t know that then. I truly realize it now.

I’m looking forward to sharing a part of me that was so broken over a decade ago that it led me to writing and to following my dreams. I can’t wait to share the beautiful digital Ghetto Chick eBook with you.

I Choose Joy

One year ago today I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, to choose joy. I remember discussing it afterwards in therapy. We discussed the number 8 and how that number means new beginnings and that the day was International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day and I’m feeling so honored to be a woman empowered to say no to those things that no longer serve me and to choose joy over being comfortable. God didn’t call us to blend in but to stand out. You have to have faith to step out of the boxes that have confined you, without faith it is impossible to please God.

It’s been an amazing journey of hurt, depression, not knowing what’s next and if I could do it all over on March 8, 2019 I’d still choose joy. This above all to thine ownself be true.

(Excerpt From Diligently, “I Choose Joy”)

On March 8th, I woke up and prepared for my day. As with every payday, I checked my checking account. However, on this day, I didn’t get paid by my employer. I decided that in that moment I wasn’t going to get upset. God had been good to me thus far and there was no reason to think that He didn’t have that under control either. Weeks prior, my parents purchased new furniture and I asked if I could have my grandmother’s recliner. My grandmother had passed several years ago, and I couldn’t let them get rid of her chair.

When the chair arrived at our home, we had no idea where we would put it. Alex’s idea was to place it next to our ottoman that sat in the middle of the room. I told him that it didn’t make sense, although to this day that is where I sit to watch Sports Center in the morning with my Greek yogurt or steel-cut oatmeal. I was sitting in that chair upon realizing that I had no pay and a therapy appointment in an hour.

God spoke to me as I sat there.“If you had to go back to where you were reassigned in order to get paid today, would you go?”

My immediate response was, “No; I choose joy!”

Pen Of The Writer (POWER) Book Fest

Help me celebrate Arlinda Christine for registering as an author at the Pen of the Writer (POWER) Book Fest. See you in May, Arlinda!

Pen of the Writer Book Fest is a 2-day literary experience with workshops for writers, interactive learning for children and of course, authors! We support our authors with mentoring, media exposure and marketing strategies.

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Happy New Year

2019 began with me being broken and ended with me being overjoyed. Some of the best parts of last year were those unexpected moments that I was blessed to experience. So, while I set goals, I’m also expecting God to do more of the unexpected this year. May your 2020 be filled with the overflow of unexpected blessings of gifts that are good and perfect. #LindarInsights #unexpectedgifts🎁 #goodandperfectgift #writethevisionmakeitplain #experiencethis #eyeshavenotseen #youcantseewhaticansee #seebeyondwhatyousee #seeitbeforeyouseeit #visualization