Wellness Webinar.1 | My 50lb. Weight Loss Journey

Last year I signed up to work with Denise Bryers and through her program I learned the importance of working out and eating well. I began her program weighing 315 pounds. Not only do I now workout on average of 10 times a week, I eat mainly whole foods and I have lost a little over 51 pounds.

I look forward to sharing my story and I pray that it blesses and motivates others.

8 Weeks To A Swimsuit

In March of 2020, after our governor announced a “Stay At Home” order because of Covid-19, I signed up with a local trainer who was offering an online workout program live on Facebook. I figured I could support a small business and maybe this would help me lose the weight that I had been carrying for years.

The end result was me discovering parts of myself that I never knew existed even though they were always present. As of this moment I have lost nearly 50 lbs and I have never felt or looked better. My days are now filled with at least 1-2 workouts, healthy meals and encouraging others that if I can lose the weight, you can too.

Thank You Denise Bryers!!!!!!

I met Denise about 3 or 4 years ago. My pastor asked me to reach out to her to be on a health and wellness panel at our church. What struck me about her immediately, was how sweet her personality was. She was so easy to talk to and she shared so much good information on that Sunday. We friended each on social media and I was in awe of her early morning workouts. As I was rolling out of the bed some mornings her bootcamp was finishing up a workout and probably about to start another one. I’d always think, “That could never be me.” “Who gets up that early to work out?” and they are going to do it again later. Nope, not I.

Fast forward to today. I’m writing this after I’ve finished a 7:15 a.m workout. Who knew?

Denise and I had a conversation this past December, which is a whole blog within itself. I remember her facilitating a small basic fitness workout with our women’s ministry that evening and I was about to pass out. In my thoughts again I’m thinking, “How do people do this everyday?” I was worn out.

When the stay at home order hit in March, Denise offered an online fitness program on Facebook. I decided to support her and thinking it might help me. Help with what you asked? At the onset of the program I weighed in at 315 lbs. Maybe this was an opportunity for me to try and lose weight. After the very first workout, I was so done with her program. I was ready to quit. To be honest, I didn’t make it all the way through the workouts in the beginning. March is such a blur.

I kept trying and I kept trying. Some mornings after working out I’d go to sleep for hours, like two to three hours. I was knocked out.

Yet, I kept trying.

I was balancing being at home, being my son’s stay at home teacher for every subject, eating right and remaining stress free as I continue to recover from having a stroke about a year and a half ago. The turning point for me was when she introduced a meal plan, FTDI. That’s when I began to see weight loss. Now, I’m looking around curiously like, “What’s going on here?” Around that time I had lost like 8lbs. I was so excited. The legging in this picture, I had never worn before.

She Got Legs Tho’!!!!

Soon, I’d discover how much I love stiff leg dead lifts, curtsy lunges, and overhead tricep lifts. Denise, prior to March I knew none of these terms and you just kept dropping new ones. Drop sets, super sets, pile squats and you really woke up my inner fit self with the kickboxing classes. Jab, jab, cross, upper cut. I gets it in on that one forreal. lol I hope I can insert the video I have of her on this site. (Yay, I did it!!) My focus during kickboxing is so thorough. I could see myself teaching a class at some point.

My Absolute Favorite Workout

Let me provide some numbers through the fitness app that we use: I’ve worked out 188 times since March 17, for a total of 138 hours and 48 minutes. I’ve eaten clean for the most part, we now purchase water by the cases, and I have the ingredients to make my favorite detox tea at all times. My mind is conditioned that I need to workout at 7:15 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. everyday. I even have the times blocked off in my calendar on my phone and each day for the past month I get in a Glutes Camp session with my bands. During this time I’ve worked on an average of 2-3 times a day. Sometimes even four times a day. Mind you prior to March I worked out zero times a day. I’ve also purchased workout equipment and workout clothes. Arlinda in a cute tank top and some shorts?What????? Me????? Talk about be ye transformed. Check out my vision board.

At one point Denise encouraged us to create a vision board. This one of is the type of fitness gear that I would like to wear. This was made months ago. I gotta skirt coming in the mail soon. Chiiillleee!!!!

With a nearly 30lb weight loss, a different mindset, being part of a super supportive fitness group and having an incredible trainer, I’m well on my way to meet goals after goals. My sister-in-law even mentioned she could tell that I was losing weight because of my shoulders. I had to go look to see what she saw. Ohhh!!! Wow!!! That’s from Arm and Shoulder days. I even got the nerve to have a little arm muscle developing. I’ve always wanted to lose weight, I never thought about being fit.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my sons. I’ve raised incredible basketball players. I’ve watched them workout relentlessly to be the best on the court. I’ve cheered them on over the years as they put it all on the court. To see them now cheering for me is so awesome. I once remember God telling me, “Arlinda, your sons are great athletes. Don’t forget that you carried them. Some of what you see in them is in you also.” I really see it now.

Because I love to write, it was only fitting that I journal my last 8 weeks on this journey.

Thank you Denise. God had plans for us to link up and for me to finally say, “I have a trainer.”, “I’m working out.”, “That’s not on the meal plan.” and “Let me get this workout in.” Thank you for operating in excellence. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Thank you for pouring into others in their journey to becoming their best selves. I wish you so much love and success on your new journey to Charlotte. Now, I have to get the courage to get on Zoom when you start training again because I can’t stop now.

Oh, and your playlists!!!! Whew!!!! Every workout is a total vibe!